Light Therapy (LLLT)

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“For more than 1 year, I was suffering from severe feet pain (10 out of 10 pain scale) due to bilateral plantar fasciitis. My pain would be so severe, that I would often get irritated and cranky easily.  I experienced all the symptoms of plantar fasciitis for more than a year, literally; I thought I would eventually end up getting steroid injections, because I was losing hope, until I tried LLLT.  After 3-4 sessions of LLLT,  my feet pain dramatically decreased to 2 out of 10 scale.  Some days, even while I would work all day, standing on my feet for at least 7 hours, I would literally be pain free.  I am so thrilled that I have found this path towards recovery.”

-Ben Calangian, San Carlos, CA

“Cant speak highly enough of the treatment Mari provides! I received LLLT for TMJ and experienced immediate results. I could feel instantly a reduction in inflammation and soreness that had been ongoing for weeks. I felt it was incredibly helpful and results lasted days, then weeks. I recommend this treatment to anyone with ongoing pain.”

-Kendal M., San Jose, CA

“A session of LLLT provided overnight relief for a strained hip flexor I irritated randomly in training. For my longer-term high hamstring injury, pairing LLLT after ART helps that tender area feel limber and healthy faster than ART alone.”

-Amy, 25, competitive runner from Santa Clara

“I have a curvature in my lower back that has caused increased lower back pain and stiffness over the past 8 months as I increased my training for several long distance running races. I received 9 sessions of the LLLT back pain protocol after ART and noticed a significant reduction in soreness and discomfort and have not needed to use a daily heating pad anymore. I also noticed a faster recovery from my long runs. I am very pleased with the positive results and would highy recommend LLLT for someone with chronic lower back pain.”

-Karen, San Jose, CA

These are just a few examples of my own clients’ recent results using LLLT treatment.

Many of you have probably heard of doctors using soft or cold laser therapy in their offices for soft tissue treatments, but similar outcomes can be accomplished with non-coherent light (LEDs). This therapy, known as Low Level Light Therapy(LLLT) has been widely researched and applied by universities and government institutions including NASA (click here for details).  The Life Light is a large LED light pad with 360 lights that produce Red and Near-Infrared light.  The pad is placed over the area of the body that is experiencing pain, inflammation, or injury.  Life Light devices are designed to provide set dosages of specific light wavelengths which are pulsed at different frequencies.  These wavelengths have been researched to be optimal in their effect on the body.  Each treatment protocol is responsible for triggering certain responses at the cellular level which are shown to be effective in treating many conditions.  Some of these are: scar tissue, healing of wounds, sports injuries, bruising and inflammation, back pain, diabetic neuropathy, arthritis and fibromyalgia pain, as well as many others.

These light dosages are modulated and monitored so that the body responds optimally both in the amount of light received and the intensity of the light.  The device provides precise timing to modulate the various wavelengths in order to allow the body to absorb optimal light from the applicator pads.

This light has many effects on the body, specifically increasing blood flow, modifying factors in the inflammatory process, and affecting tissues in a way that creates a better environment for the tissue to rebuild and recover faster.  The rate of recovery is different for every individual and depends on a number of factors.  If someone is experiencing an acute injury, they are likely to experience a noticeable difference after just one session.  For more chronic conditions, multiple sessions may be required.  The important thing is that your body will be healing faster and we will be getting the results that you want faster as well.


Question: I’m interested in getting the LLLT after my massage or ART®, but I’m pressed for time.  Can you help?

Answer:  No worries!!  If you are receiving an hour of bodywork and want to get the LLLT but don’t have an extra 30 minutes to spare, just let me know. I can usually manage to plan the session so that we can “double up” and I can put the light pad(s) on you for the second half of the session while continuing to perform work on other areas.  Just tell me at the beginning so I can plan accordingly.  I understand your time is valuable and want to be as flexible as possible!

Question:How often should I get the LLLT to benefit from it?  I only get an ART®/massage treatment every 2-4 weeks.

Answer:  The LLLT really makes the most sense if you can come at least one to two times per week, especially in the beginning.  For chronic issues, you can alternate coming for bodywork/LLLT sessions and strictly LLLT sessions to get the best effect.  LLLT is ideal to use following any type of bodywork or tissue mobilization (for example, ART®, massage, foam rolling, etc.) because it mitigates the natural inflammatory response that is part of the healing process that occurs when scar tissue is realigned, adhesions are broken up, trigger points are released, and your “knots are worked out” (to put it in simple terms).   If you come less often than once a week, especially for the first couple of weeks, you may still benefit from LLLT, but I definitely recommend coming twice a week for at least the first four LLLT treatments to experience its full potential.  If you have an acute injury, you can receive LLLT every day or even twice a day, and may not need to receive bodywork until you are at the appropriate stage of the healing process.   Not all applications of LLLT involve combinations with bodywork (for example, bruising, swelling/edema, etc.).

Question: How soon will I know whether it’s working?

Answer:  In general, most people need to give it at least 3-4 treatments, ideally in combination with some sort of tissue work, to be sure that it is working. The best “data” I have gotten from use with my own clients is that the people who have been coming to me regularly (every 1-2 weeks) for bodywork have a good idea of the results they normally experience from the bodywork alone, so when we added the LLLT to their treatments we had a “baseline” to which we could compare the additional LLLT treatment.  Even though they were increasing their training loads during the time we were adding LLLT treatment, they still felt that they were getting longer lasting benefits when they got the LLLT, compared to when they just received bodywork.

Sometimes results are immediate.  For example, my chronic foot pain (plantar fasciitis) in both feet vanished immediately after my first treatment, and I had no pain for 2 days.  After that, every time I treated my feet, the effects of each LLLT treatment lasted longer and longer.  Now I only treat them with LLLT sporadically and use my “foot log” occasionally to roll the crunchy tissue plus a toe stretcher to help with bunion issues.  The fascinating thing about the LLLT for me was that although the fascia in my feet was/is still bound up and gnarly, the pain disappeared.   This is not to say that releasing the bound up areas of tissue does not also help to relieve the problem.   The way I discovered how to use the LLLT for this problem is actually an interesting story, but too much to write here.

Although young, athletic people tend to respond the fastest, a person’s general state of health (smoker vs. non-smoker, etc.) is generally the strongest indicator of how quickly the LLLT will benefit them.  LLLT is not a magic bullet; it is just a tool to enhance your healing.   You still need to take care of your body by eating well, getting exercise and quality sleep, and doing tissue mobilization (stretching, rolling, massage, etc.) either with me or on your own.

Question:  How does the LLLT pricing work?

Answer:    I will be selling LLLT as packages of either 6 or 10 treatments, as I believe this therapy is best utilized as a series of sessions.  They can be used at the same time that you come for another type of treatment (please let me know so I can schedule the required amount of time), or as separate half hour sessions.  If you are pressed for time, all of the protocols have 15-minute versions available that run through the same cycles, so you can still get a treatment.  Depending on your needs, I may use one 15-minute protocol and then a second 15-minute protocol (designed to target different tissues/conditions/injuries) during your regular 30-minute appointment.  I have spoken with a doctor who has pioneered this idea with his patients and had great success.  Either way, each “session” in your package entitles you to 30 minutes of LLLT treatment and two pads can be used at once, allowing for a lot of surface area to be covered.

LLLT  6-session package:   $189.00 (packages do not expire)

LLLT 10-session package:  $259.00

Question:  Can anybody get LLLT treatment?

Answer:    At this time, we do not recommend LLLT treatment for anybody with ACTIVE cancers in their bodies, lupus, porphyria, or pregnancy.   Otherwise, current research has shown it to be safe and without adverse effects.   As far as my practice is concerned, if you are not a past or present client, I will ask that you contact me first for a free phone or email consultation to see if you are an appropriate candidate for this treatment.  If so, we will schedule an office visit so I can take your history, perform an assessment, and determine the best course of treatment for you.

If you are interested in possibly receiving LLLT treatment, please contact me at (408) 620-0277.

Mari Seidler, M.S., CMT

Certified Massage Therapist

CAMTC Lic #39325

Certified Active Release Techniques® (ART®) Provider